Metalworking Oils & Fluids

Straight Oil

  • Non-sulfur type for general machining processes.
  • Extreme pressure (EP) type for medium to heavy duty machining processes.
  • New ABAS Series- Environmental friendly type.


  • Emulsion- For wide-range of cutting and machining operations of FC, steel, aluminium and other materials.
  • Micro-emulsion- Popularly known as semi-synthetics, utilizing the superior lubricity of oils while giving excellent cooling and anti-bacteria ability.
  • Semi-chemicals and synthetic type - Give superior cooling ability and easy to manage, while maintaining clean and friendly environment.
  • New Full range of environmental friendly products - FX, FGE, FGM, FGC - series.

Surface Treatment Agents

  • Rust preventives (solvent and water-based type).
  • Metal cleaner (solvent and water-based type).
  • Car paint protective coatings.
  • Car body protective waxes.

Products For Hi-Tech Area

  • Special products for magnetic head, HDD and optical fiber connection parts.
  • Ideal products for wire saw slicing of silicone ingot, crystal, semi-conductor ceramic etc.
  • Specially-designed in-process cleaner for silicone wafer, crystal panel etc.
  • Grinding fluids for aluminium and glass disk substrates.
  • Products for fine copper wire drawing and other special applications.

Products For Related Area

  • Aluminium die-cast lubricants (ideal anti-soldering property).
  • Magnesium die-cast lubricants.
  • Plunger tip lubricants.
  • Urethane foam mold release agents especially for car seat.
  • Aqueous quenchants.
  • Fire resistant hydraulic fluids.
  • Special developed products for cold-forging, tube-drawing and stamping industry.
  • Products serving steel industry especially cold-rolling mills and seamless pipe manufacturing.

Supporting Equipments For Metalworking Fluids

  • Filtration & recycling equipment.
  • pH meter/Refractometer/Colorimeter.
  • Auto mixers.
  • Oil skimmers.

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