tsugami va3: cnc high speed machining center

tsugami va3: cnc high speed machining center


  • High Speed - 48m/min X,Y, and Z axes rapit traverse rate, 20,000 min-1 max spindle speed. Optimum machine for small works production of high-speed and high-efficiency
  • Space Saving - All maintenance operations are possible at the rear side of the machine. No space required on both sides in case of line production layout.
  • New Tool Magazine - The spindle is separated from the ATC arm and the tool magazine. Regardless of any machine interference, tooling zone is fully usable. Tools can be inserted directly into the spindle or removed from the spindle manually from the front of the machine. 


  • Max.Spindle speed                            20,000min-1   
  • Spindle motor (5min. rating)              9.0/3.7 kW
  • Axis Travel (X/Y/Z)                              500mm/400mm/350mm
  • Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z)                        48m/min
  • No. of tool pockets                            20 + 1 tools (BT30 Taper)
  • Table Size                                           650mmx400mm
  • Weight                                                 2600Kgs

For more information, visit the Tsugami website.