Tsugami B0205-II: 5-axis cnc swiss-type lathe

Tsugami B0205-II: 5-axis cnc swiss-type lathe



  • Max. spindle speed of  10000 min-1 realised with the direct-drive guide bushing (option) shortens the cycle time.
  • Direct C-axis function (option) realizes shortening the spindle indexing time.
  • Increased operability improves tool exchange and maintenance workability.
    • Manual pulse generator is located on the front side of operation panel.
    • Retractable coolant nozzle
    • Cleaning of coolant tank is possible even during processing.
  • Back milling operations, such as off-center drilling, off-center tapping and end-milling can be performed simultaneously with main spindle machining.


Working Diameter                                  Ø3 - Ø20mm
Max workpiece length                            

  • Static Guide Bush               210mm
  • Rotary Guide Bush              80mm
  • Direct Drive Guide Bush     170mm
  • Non-Guide Bush                 45mm

Max Main Spindle Drilling Diameter     Ø10mm
Max Main Spindle Tapping Diameter    M10
Max Back Spindle Drilling Diameter     Ø8mm
Max Back Spindle Tapping Diameter    M8
Max Cross Drill Diameter                       Ø6mm
Max Cross Tapping Diameter                M5 x 0.8
Main and Back Spindle Speed              12,000min-1
Tool Storage Capacity                          21 tools
Rapid Traverse Rate                             32m/min / X1: 24m/mim
Controllable Axes                                 5 axes (X1, X2, Y, Z1, Z2)
Main Spindle Motor                              2.2/3.7kW
Back Spindle Motor                              1.5/2.2kW
Power Requirement                             11KVA

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