Sunnen Products Company has the tooling and abrasives you need for your low, mid and high production applications - whether you use Sunnen equipment or non-Sunnen equipment.

Sunnen has led the way in precision abrasive bore sizing and finishing systems since 1924. This experience is put into every product. From Single Stroke® Honing tools to KROSSGRINDING® tools to standard mandrels to MMT mandrels, Sunnen builds all of its tools in-house with the quality our customers have come to expect.

Sunnen's complete line of honing abrasives sets the standard in the industry. From aluminum oxide and silicon carbide to diamond and CBN, Sunnen offers the industry's largest variety of abrasive materials, bond types, grain sizes and stone configurations. You get exactly what you need when you need it.    

MESCO carries on stock selected abrasives for ready use of customers.

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