Moog has pioneered the design and manufacture of motion control solutions that provide precise control of injection, clamp, ejector, core pull. Carriage, shuttle, parison, material handling and other key functions for plastics machinery.


  • Functions such as ‘profile’ and ‘weight’, etc, area quickly and accurately programmed using the rotary entry knob allowing the desired parison wall thickness profile to be reached.
  • 30 or 100 point profile. Only the end points of any stright line section of the profile must be defined.
  • Continous as well as accumulator head machines.
  • Program point ‘markers’ can be set for each profile point. Marker points are sent to digital output can be used to synchronize external equipment such as container pre-blow, Parison pinching.
  • Available in English/Japanese (30 point module) and English/Japanese/Chinese (100 point model)
  • All current operation information is stored in memory and may be displayed as required.
  • Semi automatic span and zero adjustment for tooling changes are provided.
  • Servo valve current and DCDT position monitor.
  • Serial interface to PC.

SMC Blow Molding Machines uses Moog components such as valves, actuators and parison controllers.