ML Tech seeks to meet your requirements for yourhigh precision needs in the industry. It seeks to be oneof the highestquality product providers. Started in Singapore, a team ofexperienced and qualified technical experts sensitivelyundertakes asan alternative supplier for a market solely dependent on theJapaneseand European makers. Today, besides meeting themarket that require high precisionstandard, we are ready to provide professionalsolutions to all your productions and technical requirements in the machining industry.

We specialize indesigningand manufacturing of clamping device used in the manual machine andcomputerized NumericalControl (CNC) clamping system. One of its recent product development projects is toimprove on the materials and the techniques used on heat-treatment inall our manufacturing products.

Its Head Office is basedin Singapore. Firmly focused in enhancing customer satisfaction in theSoutheast Asia, a dedicated team of top management is constantlyensuring customers' requirements are being determined and met toexcellence. Its manufacturing factory was set up in Chengdu,  Western China (2006). We are capable of formalizing all businessprocesses emplaced; maintaining a stringent standard in all monitoringprocesses; ensuring consistent output quality, and regularly reviewingthe quality system within our organization.

MESCO can supply your bushing and collets for your precision needs.

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