QV Apex 404 Pro

QV Apex 404 Pro

qv apex 302 pro

qv apex 302 pro

qv elf pro

qv elf pro

Fixed Bridge and Table Configuration

  • Structure Design is optimized through the use of Finite Element Method
  • Excellent Rigidity, to minimized deformation
  • Resistant to deformation during movement thereby better accuracy+/- 1.5 + 3L/1000 um.



Highly Functional and Adaptable Illumination Unit

  • Uses LED light source
  • LED have excellent response time which improve throughput
  • LED have longer useful life


Programmable Ring Light (PRL)

  • Four Quadrant illumination Front, Back, Left and Right controlled independently
  • Change light incidence angle 30 to 80 degrees to enhance incline edge detection
  • Can be configure for highly variable lighting

High Magnification with Programmable Power Turret

  • Magnification up to 4300X on monitor
  • Permits 3 steps or 4 steps power turret magnification
  • Objective lens line up 0.5X to 25X

High Performance Multi-Auto Focus

  • Surface focus use for stable height measurement
  • Pattern Focus ideal for low contrast transparent workpiece such as film, glass and mirrored surfaces
  • Edge focus for champered and corner radius
  • Multipoint auto focus obtain multiple height information

Tracking Auto Focus (TAF) 

  • Continuously focuses on the surface, adjusting its height to follow the contour of workpiece surface
  • Increase measurement throughputsince to need to focus during movement

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