The Crysta Plus M is a high accuracy, low cost compact and easy to operate Manual coordinate measuring machine (CMM) featuring a frictionless air bearing suspension.

The Crysta Plus M has been developed by Mitutoyo in its quest to offer the market low-cost, easy to use measuring machine with no compromise. The moving bridge design allows unobstructed access to the measuring table for a quickeasy handling of work pieces. All models are equipped with one touch air clamps for simple axis clamping

An optional temperature compensation system is also available that guarantees the accuracy of measurement under temperature conditions of 16 to 26 °C.

Manual Indexing probe and cantering Microscope could be used as the probing system. 

The manual indexing is a sensor that collects the coordinate values of the surface of a work piece which the stylus contacts. Various interchangeable styli are available to suit the task in hand: such as ball styli with various diameters, and others with specially shaped tips to best meet the requirements of a large variety of workpiece shapes and evaluation methods.

The centering microscope can measure delicate, easily deformed objects which are difficult to measure by contact-type methods. Observation and measurement are possible through an optional TV monitor.

The machine also comes with a high performance yet user friendly measurement software called MCOSMOS. The MCOSMOS software runs under Windows. The user can proceed with measurements by selecting the desired functions using icons and pull-down menus in the familiar Windows operation method, there is no need to memorize control codes.

Mitutoyo crysta plus m manual cmm

Mitutoyo crysta plus m manual cmm

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