mitsubishi ea8 edm sinker with optional atc

mitsubishi ea8 edm sinker with optional atc


  • Improved Power Supply: FP II
    • high grade finishing is possible
    • standard low-wear machining circuit and finishing circuit
  • Easy and user friendly programming
    • ESPER II programming format

Machining condition expert / Hybrid Pack which consolidates years of machining know-how for various machining applications

  • Highly accurate and rigid machine structure
    • low head structure
    • Integrated bed structure without indents
  • “Fuzzy Pro Plus” Adaptive Control
    • Machining conditions are optimally controlled to match the machining state
    • Optimum machining according to the flushing method; No flush, emmission, fluid jet suction is possible


Stroke (X/Y/Z)                             300mm x 250mm x 250mm
                                                    (11.8in x 9.8in x 9.8in)

Max Workpiece dimensions      740mm x 470mm x 150mm
                                                    (29.1in x 18.5in x 5.9in)

Max Workpiece weight              550kg / 1200lbs.

Max Electrode weight                25kg / 55lbs

Max fluid level                            200mm / 7.8in

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