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MESCO Inc. is a 57 year old Philippine-based company that had been supplying the manufacturing and industrial companies with the best in machine tools, engineering products and technology available in the market. It has been instrumental in the country's industrialization, contributing to national progress. It provides the industry with top-quality machines and industrial products as well as engineering services at competitive prices - where and when they are needed.

Beyond machine products, MESCO Inc. also provides a range of solutions to its clients, including financing and engineering assistance, production or tooling analysis, technical training and after-sales service. Committed to its vision of being internationally recognized as an outstanding provider of metal manufacturing technology in the Philippines, MESCO Inc. is guided by the three core values in dealing with their business partners - which are "Passion for Excellence", "Sense of Urgency" and "Teamwork".

For decades, MESCO Inc. had established the ties and good relationship with their business partners from all over world such as USA, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Korea and Thailand to name a few. Among the major product lines they carry include Mazak's CNC machines, Iscar's toolings and inserts, Hanel's storage solutions, Mitutoyo's measuring instruments, Mitsui Seiki's air compressors, Rivalit's hoses, Vickers's hydraulics and pneumatic valves/ pumps/ motors/ cylinder/ etc. and lot more. 

President’s Message

As of October, 2008 MESCO has celebrated over 50 years of business because of the level of service we provide our stakeholders, the most important of which are our customers, suppliers and staff.

  1. We strive to delight our customers by providing goods, technology and services beyond their expectations.
  2. We support our suppliers by continuously re-investing our profits to promote their brands.
  3. We invest to develop our staff with the most up to date information and techniques needed to provide the best service.

In the last 30 years I have been with MESCO, the company had undergone three major business crises. There was the Aquino assassination in 1983, the failed coup attempt in 1989, and the Asian crisis in 1997.

During these times, MESCO prospered. We were able to get a larger share of the market. While our competitors were cutting back on their services, MESCO invested more in technology and in our staff and was rewarded with more business. Today in October 2008, we are facing another challenge - a worldwide financial crisis. It is expected that sales and profits will go down for the entire industry.

We look upon this as an opportunity to further our commitment to our stakeholders by investing more in our facilities and training programs. In a few years the situation will normalize. While our competitors will still be pulling themselves up off the ground, our team would have been further strengthened and be ready and eager to face the challenges ahead.


Allen L. Lee






History of Mesco

In 1956, a young entrepreneur named Peter N. Lee had a vision of an industrialized nation. He founded the Manufacturers' Equipment and Supply Co. out of a small apartment in Manila. By day, it had offices and machine displays. At night, it was Peter and his wife Mercy's home.

Six months after they started, Peter travelled to Germany to learn about manufacturing technology. It was his goal to discover applicable technology abroad and bring them back to the Philippines. Peter visited machine shows and impressed the suppliers he met there. He came home as the exclusive distributor of Schuler Presses in the Philippines.

True to Peter's pioneering spirit, MESCO was the first to introduce several significant technologies into the Philippines. This impressive list includes: the first automatic screw machine and the first electronic discharge machine (EDM). With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, MESCO has become the leader in the Machine Tools Industry here in the Philippines, introducing many new technologies into the market. 

The First Mazak Quickturn in the Philippines




This is the first Mazak Quickturn 10 in the Philippines which Mr. Peter Lee bought as his 50th year birthday present in September 1, 1981.

This was kept in the basement of his home where he would show off his new toy to his friends and business associates.

The machine was later sold to Oriental Tin Can (OTC). In 2004, Mesco took back this machine as a trade-in and has been in display since then as a reminder of the foresight of Mr. Lee. It was only in the early 90's when CNC machines became popular in the Philippines. Mr. Lee's vision of bringing in the first CNC machine ten years earlier illustrates his vision.

Mesco and Mazak were the first to promote and invest in CNC machines. This move, done far earlier than their competitors, has helped them carve their way into being the leaders in this market. 

Vision, Mission and Values of Mesco

Our Vision

 To be internationally recognized as the outstanding provider of metal manufacturing technology in the Philippines.

Our Mission

To Our Customers: To please our customers by providing quality and cost-effective products, reliable delivery, excellent service and packaged solutions beyond their expectations.

To Our Suppliers: To reinforce partnership with our suppliers built on mutual trust and respect by continuously investing resources to promote their products.

To our Employees: To nurture our emplOyees by providing a stimulating work environment, continuous training, career growth, and rewarding benefits.

Our Values

A Passion for Excellence: We should always strive to be the best we can be. We demonstrate a Passion for Excellence in our work by continuous training and self-improvement.

The Sense of Urgency: We ensure that the job is done with a Sense of Urgency: doing the job in the shortest time with care and without compromising excellence and quality.













Year Established: 1956

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
Union Bank of the Philippines
Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corp.

Legal Counsel:
ACCRA Law Offices Ines and Villacarlos Law Offices.


Land Area : 8,000 sq. m.
Admin Area : 2,400 sq. m.
Building 1 : 1,000 sq. m.
Building 2 : 1,000 sq. m.


Personnel as of Jan 2012:
Sales : 35
Manufacturing :35
Technical : 51
Admin: 22
Support : 49

Total : 234

 New Technologies

Mesco was already leading the way as early as the 1970's. True to our founder's pioneering spirit, Mesco was the first to introduce several significant technologies in the Philippines.

Tours and Exhibitions 


Mesco Sponsored Tours

Mesco regularly sponsors visits to the various factories of our suppliers for technical seminars and factory tours to get the latest information on manufacturing technologies.

AMADA, Japan

ISCAR, Israel MAZAK, Japan
MAZAK, Singapore Mitsubishi, Japan MITUTOYO, Japan


Exhibitions and In-House Shows

By the 1980's, MESCO had already been actively participating in exhibitions and started holding in-house shows. The warehouse transformed into a showroom where local companies and groups in the industry came to learn about the newest machines on display.

MESCO In-house Show
Metalworking Tools Philippines Show PDMA Show
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