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Series 215

Mitutoyo’s Granite Comparator Stands are basic building-blocks for the assembly of special-purpose, précising measuring equipment. By mounting precision measuring instruments such as Digmatic indicators, Mu-Checker Cartridge Heads, and Linear Gages onto the stands, it is possible to handle all manner of measuring applications. The rigid granite base is free from burrs, pileups, rust, and deterioration over time.


Order No. Granite base size (WxDxH) Column travel Stem hole Remarks
215-151 150x200x50mm 260mm ǿ8mm With fine adjustment of 1mm range
215-153 200x250x80mm 250mm ǿ8mm With fine adjustment of 1mm range
215-154 300x250x80mm 300mm ǿ8mm With fine adjustment of 1mm range
215-156 300x250x80mm 300mm ǿ8mm, ǿ20mm With fine adjustment over the entire travel

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